Our Mission and its History

We are the NPO “Grow Green in Ashio” (founded in April 2002, its origin goes back to May 1996). We have conducted reforestation program in mountain area in Ashio (northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, located in central Japan).  In 1900’s, Ashio’s mountain has devastated by air pollution of smoke from Ashio Copper Mine operation.

Nowadays, our annual meeting “Spring Planting Days” (two days, the end of every April) attracts more than one thousand civilian participants.

We also support educational activities of compulsory school students through reforestation program. Another social group like informal hobby companions are also the target of our program.

We strongly convince that we need more than hundreds of years in order to realize sound green recovery in Ashio’s mountain. However, we also acknowledge that each civilians should have precious experience for planting one by one by their own hands, even if it needs a lot of time.

We cordially propose you to join our thorough but future-enlightening reforestation activity.